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Introducing our recent fundraising stars, who have been working hard to raise essential funds for us. Remember, get in touch if you’re planning an event or fundraising challenge.

Cardiff Half Marathon

Theresa from Treat Time with a race medal from our 10K last yearShow your support for Theresa Niejadlik and her dad John, from Treat Time in Barnstaple!

Theresa is running the Care for Kids virtual 10K with her dad and then taking on the Cardiff Half Marathon in October, running on our behalf.

So, if you’re in Barnstaple and fancy a sweet treat, pop into Treat Time on Boutport Street and drop a few pennies in our collection pot and say good luck to Theresa and John. Or, you can sponsor their efforts instead.

Sponsor Theresa & John

London Marathon

Good luck to Sally Bunney, who is running the Virtual London Marathon on Sunday 3 October!

If you would like to show your support for our charity, you can sponsor Sally online:

Sponsor Sally


Tabitha wearing a sunhat

Tabitha is hosting an Auction of Promises for us on Friday 24 September. Head over to her Facebook group ‘Tab Talks’ to get involved. She has some fantastic promises on offer, including:

Lot 1: 3 x Year Passes to Air Extreme worth £43 each starting Bid £25 per pass
Lot 2: Massage starting Bid £20
Lot 3: Facial starting Bid 20
Lot 4: Pottery experience starting Bid £20
Lot 5: Live music starting Bid £35
Lot 6: Crystal Therapy, Reading or
Manicure starting Bid £20
Lot 7: Family Pass to Lets Go! Worth £30 Starting Bid £20
Lot 8: Pedicure starting Bid £20
Lot 9: Driving Lesson starting Bid £20
Lot 10: Foot treatment starting Bid £10
Lot 11: Maccies Vouchers x 3 starting Bid £3 per voucher
Lot 12: Pet tagging starting Bid starting £25
Lot 13: Macrame starting Bid £10
Lot 14: £40 gift voucher beautiful flowers starting Bid £20
Lot 15: Eyelash treatment starting Bid £10
Lot 16: Music lessons starting Bid £15
Lot 17: £40 worth Window Cleaning starting Bid £25
Lot 18: Sound Therapy starting Bid £20
Good luck with your auction Tab!
Join auction

Fundraise for us

If you’ve been inspired by what you’ve read, perhaps you’d like to take on a fundraising challenge of your own? There are lots of ideas on our website – physical or mental challenges, they are all fun when you’re fundraising for us!

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