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Family Grants & Projects completed -Who Do we Help and Why?

Instant financial assistance

Care for Kids North Devon provides instant financial assistance to families that have a child 0-18yrs diagnosed with a life-threatening illness e.g. a cancer, a heart condition, cystic fibrosis or a head injury.

Because of North Devon’s rural location, all seriously ill children are now treated in specialist Children’s Hospitals in Bristol or beyond. For families in North Devon this means the loss of earnings, subsistence costs and travel costs for parents traveling and staying in Bristol, Oxford, Birmingham or London.

Care for Kids provides a lump sum to help alleviate financial concerns for families in this situation, whilst they adjust to having a very sick child and to having one or more parents away from home.

Family Grant

Upon diagnosis of a life-threatening illness, Care for Kids will provide a family with a lump sum which is currently £800. This is to assist families in the acute stage of a child’s treatment and management of a medical condition, with financial concerns arising through loss of earnings, finding travel expenses, child-care costs and subsistence costs. Each family eligible for the Charity’s Grant will be asked to complete a simple Grant Application Form which has a few tick boxes to assess a family’s means. Medical staff will assist with providing and completing the Grant Application Form as appropriate.

The Grant is paid by Bank Transfer directly to each family as soon as a signed Grant Application Form has been received, agreeing to our terms and conditions. The Grant Application form must be signed by the child’s Consultant from the Caroline Thorpe Children’s Ward and by another member of medical staff from the ward

A second financial payment is available of £500. This is for families who have been determined by the trustees as still struggling financially 6 weeks after the initial payment. The charity liaison officer will follow up each case on an individual basis.

Projects-Caroline Thorpe Ward NDDH

Cubicle 5 Before & After

We also enhance the Children’s Ward at North Devon District Hospital. This begun with providing little extra’s to make life more bearable on the ward. In more recent years we have refurbished the parents room which is now a pleasant room to prepare food and snacks watch some TV and have a coffee. We are very proud of our most recent accomplishment which is the complete make over of an isolation room-cubicle 5. See more about our work on  Caroline Thorpe Ward here

To date (Oct 2018) here are some extras we have provided to the ward: Large screen television, Wii, Playstation 4, large sofa, bespoke beach hut units and a quiet reading corner with a dressing up area. Portable DVD units and DVDs for the children’s bays along with a choice of toys and games that are kept in the bays on the ward. Custom made cloud blinds for the playroom and a 3D Pain Distraction Unit for the treatment unit.  Pictures for the Ladywell stairwell which where chosen through a local photo competition 2016.

We also provides assistance for families of children receiving care through the children’s Ward or clinics of North Devon District Hospital or specialist hospitals related to the North Devon District Hospital.