Two new projects at the Caroline Thorpe children’s ward at NDDH are complete.

We’ve supplied some funky new seating to brighten up the playroom on the ward. Thanks to Barnstaple Town Council and the ASDA Foundation for funding the project.

Barnstaple Mayor, Councillor Alan Rennles, says: “As the Mayor’s chosen charity this year, myself and the whole of Barnstaple Town Council are incredibly proud of the essential work of Care For Kids North Devon. I want to thank ASDA for their contribution to this project and the team at Care for Kids North Devon for everything they do.

“It’s wonderful to know that so many businesses and councils across North Devon are working together to support their work in helping these kids’ through the most difficult of journeys.”

In addition, we have also provided a new PC and software for the 3D pain distraction unit, which we supplied to the ward some years ago. The state-of-the-art unit projects a series of interactive 3D images and games onto a screen which patients can control and enjoy whilst they undergo medical treatment. Wearing special 3D glasses, they become completely immersed in a colourful world of virtual reality that helps distract them from pain and blocks out the frightening sights and sounds of the treatment room. Funding for the upgrade was secured from North Devon councillor grants, Torridge District Councillor David Hurley and the Felicity Wilde Charitable Trust.

Children’s ward play specialist Fran Greenaway sitting by the 3D pain distraction unit

Fran Greenaway sitting at the 3D pain distraction unit

Fran Greenaway, play specialist at Caroline Thorpe ward and Trustee for Care for Kids North Devon, says: “The pain distraction unit is a vital piece of equipment, used day in and day out, so it was essential we upgraded it. Without this new PC we wouldn’t have been able to use it, so we’re very grateful to those who helped make it possible. Care for Kids works so hard to bring in money and support the little luxuries on the ward that make it more comfortable, and comforting for the families who use it.”

We are also working in partnership with Perrigo Ltd in Braunton on a £20,000 project to refurbish another bedroom on the ward. Work is due to start early next year.