Fundraising and Recent Donations – Thank You !

Bideford TC £425

Ilfracombe TC £227

Cottle family 10k challenge £215

Unison £500

Selaine Saxby MP £317

Helen Skinner £500

Helen Cookson £135

Sarah’s Treadmill Marathon £700

Portmore Juniors £1000

Kayleigh Drew – £633

Corrine Cameron – £426.11

Donation in memory of Natasha Packard £405

Quiz Night £460

Christingle St Peters Church West Buckland £295.68

Tesco pot £44.07

Quiz Night £450.00

Collection pot Tesco £44.07

Taw View Café – Civic Centre Collection Pot £37.20

Torrington Music Night  £407.50

W S Gayton – In Memorium of Sandra Clarke £293.87

Di Bell – Donation  £20.00

Mike & Angela Band Night £1142.00 GRN

Sticklepath Methodist Luncheon Club £100

Fremington Community Group–Party in the Manor £100

South West Cheese Co Collection Pot £28.89

Louise & Stuart Pedlar £148.80 10k run

Mr & Mrs Withecombe £20.00

Nick Harding £150

Mary Dunfry Wing Walk – £150  

Braunton Inner Wheel Club £100

JC Fundraising £520

Jacky Lejog £1278.75

Charity Football match £813.42

Barnstaple Town Council £ 500

Unison ND Branch £50

Dawes collection pot – £6.49

Mike watts Shoot £110

Mike and Angela’s Great North Run £389.79

Bubble Booth £300 thank you

Collection pots £106.45

Sky Dive by Nic Brayley £315.00 thank you

Kate Sloman -£300 from Cake and coffee sale Thank you.

Tea By Taw collection pot- £4.26

Taw View Cafe Collection pot – £23.82

Bear Street News £33.18

The Carey Family sponsor walk £436.00

The Carey family -Cake sale £131.22

Ruth Mahaffey Slimming World Braunton £235.50

Swimbridge School – Xmas Jumper Day £95.25

Claire Tanner MPM £35.00

Fran Mpmingle on the ward £56.30

St Mary’s Church, High Bickington Christmas Tree Festival  £950

Tea By Taw £6.67

Summer Skittles League £500

Louise Harriet Quiz night £482

Carissa Coffee morning and crafts sale £224

BHR Mpm & Raffle £40

Claire Turner  MPM event £110

Quiz Gurkha £406

Mrs P O’Hanlon Donation £50

Holsworthy Rotary Club MPM & Raffle £250 fish & Chips supper

Angelo Massos Torridge Council MPM £236.65

Beaconside House Musical Mince Pie Mingle £299.33

Karen Serpentine swim £912.00

DFS £200

MPMingle Di Wogden £200

Atlantis Adventure Park £16.40

Sandra Davey donation £30.00

Hotter Shoes Collection pot £10.70

Asda Green Token award- £500

Race Night Hosted by Paul Howard £571

Kerry Knight Skydive £382.2

Mia Luckie Sheerlux £207

Ben Hugo Tough Mudder challenge £887.50

Paul Howard & Mark Hutchings Ride London £990

Cameron, Mike & Steve, Ride London -£913.98

Kate Sloman 40th B’day  £150

Beth Porter Sky Dive £515

Janice Goaman 10k sponsorship £75.00

Nick Harding – 10k £140

A bereaved family £264.55

Solman Davis £200 towards Cubicle 5 project.

Waitrose , Holsworthy – £310.00

Adaptacar Charity Box Collection – £18.43

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Barnstaple Town Council – Grant receiving Evening – £800

Jess’s on-line Auction page – £336.00

Tesco Turbo Challenge – £161.26

Sarah Anne Westcott Dance – £22.16

Katherine Ley – Music Concert £153.50

Helen Skinner – Donation £250.00

Orchard Farm Shop Collection Pot £13.80

Alexandra Social Club – Remainder from raffle £26.03

TM Fitness – Xmas Raffle £131.oo

Tesco Extra Cafe – Collection Pot £25.20

Barnstaple & District Round Table – £1000.00

Mollie Bond donation – £10.00

SQ Braunton – Christmas Jumper Day £46.00

Thank you to Jess and Kevin for their fantastic on-line Facebook auction page raising another £391.65 bringing their total to  £2,151.30 to date

Molly Bond donation £10.00

SQ Braunton Xmas Jumper Day  £46.00

St Peter’s Church, West Buckland – Christingle Service Collection £302.74

Hong Kong Diner, Westward HO! MPM Collection Pot £33.00

Atlantis Adventure Park – MPM £29.00

Archant (ND Gazette) MPM £19.89

Unison NDC £50.00

Alexandra Social Club £300.00

Lisa Roberts Salon _ Christmas Charity Night -£292.93

Rolle Quay Inn Fishing Competition – £510.00

Black Horse Inn Quiz & Collection pot – £90.87

The Agricultural Inn Collection Pot – £6.69

Jo Hugo – MPM £143.70

Donna Reeves – £170.00

The Hair Lounge – £74.75

Tony Pryce Collection Pot – £15.84

Bradworthy PO Collection Pot – £3.08

Holsworthy Rotary MPM – £250.00

Claire Tanner MPM – £57.00

Thank you to Jess and Kevin for their fantastic on-line Facebook auction page raising another £286.80 bringing their total to  £1759.65 to date.

Barnstaple Fire Station MPM raised an amazing £301.64

Vicky McGinley Collection pot £7.90

Karen Reeves Collection pot £5.53

Tea by the taw Collection pot £8.57

Clare Turner MPM £75.00

Bideford Light Switch on MPM £110.26

Fran & Helen MPM £103.00

Louise & Harriet MPM £360.00

Dr W Burgess – donation £80.00

We’ve had a an amazing contribution of £4373.86 in memory of Emily Carey specifically towards our latest project enhancing Room 5, what a difference this will make and we are very grateful to receive.

Jaime’s Journey donated £1062 from funds raised at a celebration for Jaime’s 16th Birthday at the Masquerade Ball, thanking for your continued support.

Mike & Angela’ Disco at the Wrey Arms was a huge success £961.10 raised Bringing their total to £4300


A Donation in memory of Emily Carey has been received and we would like to thank Emily’s family for thinking of us at this time. £339.34 Bear Street News – their collection pot raised £37.24, thank you to their customers.

Thank you to Jess and Kevin for their fantastic on-line Facebook auction page raising another £286.80 bringing their total to  £1759.65 to date.

Jo Beades who ran the Barnstaple Marathon after she had seen first hand how we have enhanced the Caroline Thorpe Ward has raised an amazing £667.25 with gift aid – totally exceeded her expectations so well done Jo from us!

Marwood Ladies donated £50.00 – we gave them a presentation of the work we do and were very warmly welcomed, thank you for your hospitality.

Summer Skittles League have donated again this year, they do amazing for charity during the short summer – so a very big thank you to them for another £500

Julie Walker has been selling Bric A Brac and raised an astonishing £750 thank you

Suzanne & James Hayes ran a Wedding Speech Sweepstake and donated the £55 to us – Love this idea!

Thank you to Jess and Kevin for their fantastic on-line Facebook auction page raising another £268.50 bringing their total to  £1472.85 to date.

Donation in memory of Natasha Packard £405

Mike & Angela’s 2017 Challenge’s Marathons, Vintage Tea & Quiz Night have done an amazing running total of £3450.00 and still events to come – next up Exeter 1/2 on the 15th October followed by a pre Christmas Bovington off road event on the 16th December

Paul & Mark’s Ride London – raised £1555.35

Kenco Club’s 10k Challenge – raised £1275.00

Louise & Harriets 10k Challenge – raised £706.65

Jo Letheby 10k Challenge – raised £231.25

Terry Pike 10k Challenge – raised £110.00

Ruth Crumby & Alan Dear 10k Challenge – raised £117

Naomi Huxtable £500 sponsorship for running the Barnstaple 10k thank you.

Archant Match Funding – We received £90 match funding this week after one of their employees had fund-raised. Great when the corporate community support us. Thank you.

North Devon Homes – Their office Tuck Shop donated £46.00, we love this idea, Sweets & Treats and raise money for your local charity at the same time!!

Barnstaple Womens Freemasons – donated £218

Angela & Mike’s Vintage Tea – Raised £329.22 Thank you to all who attended.

Amanda Tucker’s Collection pot – £13.80 Thank you

Mary Taylor’s Book Sale £25.13, great that the books are being read again.

Thank you again to the Rotary Club of Barnstaple for another donation of £100

Fantastic support from West Buckland Pre-School – raising £848.02

Thank you to Jess and Kevin for their fantastic on going auction page, on Facebook raising another £181.50 bringing their total to  £753.45 to date.

Many thanks to our Local Councillors who donated towards the parent room enhancements on the Caroline Thorpe Ward, Adam Bradford, Faye Webber, Julie Hunt, Ian Roome, Roy Lucas, Robin Bonds, Jasmine Chesters, Brian Moores

Thank you to Helen Skinner for donating £200

Thank you to  Sheree Southworth  for organising a Mince Pie Mingle – and raising £79.15

Thank you to SFL Flues & Chimneys for raising a £100 from their raffle.

Thank you to Jess and Kevin for their fantastic on going auction page, on Facebook raising another £117.20 bringing their total to  £269.70 to date.

Alexandra Social Club, thank you for choosing us as one of Charities of the Year – £400 received, they hold social events, coffee morning and and a diary of day trips throughout the year.

Kim Davison £10

Beth Hartley £35.75

NDRR Christmas Quiz £109.25

Memorial donation for Jackie Potter of £50 many thanks

The Methodist Church High Bickington held 2 Advent lunches and raised £115

West Buckland Church collected £343 at their Christmas Eve christingle Service

Liam Parnell made a donation of £250

Thank you to Paul Howard and his family and Angelo Massos for completing a 6 hour cycling turbo challenge at Tesco extra Barnstaple on the 26th of November. Thank you to the volunteers who supported us Natalie and Lexi, Mark and Isabella, Vickie and her daughter. Thank you to the Tesco customers and all those involved who helped raise £550.

Paul with his family supporting him

Paul with his family supporting him

Lauren McWhinnie has both fulfilled her dream and one of her life goals by being flown to 15,000 feet to complete a Parachute Jump.  Inspired by the loss of her younger sister friend Jaime Bayliss whose family were supported by Care for Kids ND Lauren, on what would have been Jaime’s 15th Birthday jumped out to free-fall in excess of 120 mph for 60 seconds before floating back to earth raising a fantastic total is £1,148.75 with gift aid.

Her jump was on 22nd October 2016 at Dunkerswell airfield near Honiton, Devon and Lauren is rightfully over the moon with her achievement and grateful to everyone who sponsored her.  She loved the experience and wants to do it again.


Thank you to Sharon Hobbs for her donation of £50.00

Many thanks to Joan Barnsdale in Hartland for holding our first Mince Pie Mingle and raising £55.00

South Molton Rotary Club – Many thanks for the donation of £440.


South Molton Rotary Club

Eastleigh Home in South Molton raised – £120 with their afternoon tea fundraiser, many thanks.

A donation of £500 from Miss S.Leworthy in memory of her sister Norah, many thanks!

A donation of £1103.54 from Mr C.Gordon in memory of wife Carly, thank you!

Many thanks to the Barnstaple Skittle League for donating £500!

The Landkey Stores Collection pot raised £16.16 for Care for Kids – thank you!