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 Our Privacy Statement

Preservation of your privacy is important to Care for Kids North Devon and we are
committed to letting you know how we use your personal information and to making responsible use of
your data.

1. Information about you
We will only collect personal information from you when you sign up to take part in one of our
events or ask us to keep you informed about our fundraising events and opportunities (by completing
and signing a “Keeping Informed” form). This may include your name, address, email and telephone
number. In the case of running events this will also include your date of birth.

2. Our use of this information
Your personal information will only be used to process your event application or to provide you
with information relating to upcoming fundraising events and volunteering opportunities.

3. Security
We will take reasonable precautions to prevent the loss or misuse of information you give us.
Where communications are sent by email, these will not be sent encrypted. Whilst we endeavour to
keep our systems and communications protected against viruses and other harmful effects we cannot
bear responsibility for all communications being virus-free.

4. Other information
If you would like us to update any information, or if you would like your information deleted from
our records, then please email us at
This privacy policy will be reviewed on a yearly basis.

A – Whose information do we keep? 

Information is kept on the following groups of individuals; 

1 – Employees:Any person employed by Care for Kids ND 

2 – Service Providers:Any person providing administration services to Care for Kids ND 

3 – Trustees:Any person currently in a Trustee position 

4 – Families:Any family referred to the charity by Caroline Thorpe Ward for financial assistance  

5 – Volunteers:Any person who has volunteered for the charity during bucket collections, marshalling runs, holding a Mince Pie Mingle or any other voluntary activity 

6 – Donators:Any person donating funds to Care for Kids ND 


B – What information do we use/keep? 

The following information is used and/or kept for the groups of individuals; 

1 – Employees:Name, Address, Telephone No, Email, National Insurance No          Bank details 

2 – Service Providers:Name, Address, Telephone No, Email, Bank details 

3 – Trustees:Name Address, Telephone, Email 

4 – Families:Name, Address, Telephone, Email, Child’s name & date of birth     Bank details 

5 – Volunteers:Name, Address, Telephone, Email 

6 – Donators:Name, Address, Telephone, Email 


C – Why do we keep this information? 

1 – Employees:To fulfil HMRC requirements  For the processing of payroll 

2 – Service Providers:To process invoice payments 

3 – Trustees:To meet Charity Commission requirements 

4 – Families:To check eligibility and make grant payments   To provide follow-up assistance if needed 

5 – Volunteers:To promote events   To ask for help with events/promotion       

6 – Donators:To thank for donations 



D – Where do we keep this information? 

1 – Employees:Personnel file in locked cupboard             One drive 

2 – Service Providers:Personnel file in locked cupboard 

3 – Trustees:Personnel file in locked cupboard 

4 – Families:Grant payment file in locked cupboard        Locked emails 

5 – Volunteers:Keeping Informed file in locked cupboard         Access database 

6 – Donators:Keeping Informed file in locked cupboard          Access database 


E – How long do we keep this information? 

1 – Employees:3 years after the end of the tax year in which the employment ended 

2 – Service Providers:Whilst services are provided 

3 – Trustees:For the total length of office 

4 – Families:One year after initial payment 

5 – Volunteers:Information kept until advised otherwise by volunteer – information checked and updated periodically 

6 – Donators:Not kept unless the donator has signed a Keeping Informed form 


F – Regulating the use of information stored 

1 – Employees:All employees are informed that their information is stored for the reasons stated in section C1 

2 – Service Providers:All service providers are informed that their information is stored for the reasons stated in section C2 

3 – Trustees:All Trustees are informed that their information is stored for the reasons stated in section C3 

4 – Families:The conditions for use/storage of information is stated on the Grant Application Form & on the Grant Making Policy 

5 – Volunteers:The conditions for use/storage of information is stated on the Keeping Informed form 

5 – Donators:The conditions for use/storage of information is stated on the Gift Aid form and all donators are sent a Keeping Informed form to complete if they wish to receive further information from the Charity 



G – Who has access to stored information? 

1 – Employees:Day to day – Treasurer & Administrator          When requested – HMRC  

2 – Service Providers:Day to day – Treasurer & Administrator           When requested – Charity Accountant 

3 – Trustees:Day to day – Administrator           When requested – Charity Commission 

4 – Families:Day to day – Treasurer & Administrator                 When requested – Charity Accountant for auditing purposes 

5 – Volunteers:Day to day – Administrator 

6 – Donators:Day to day – Treasurer & Administrator Charity Registration No 1136399 April 201

Privacy Statement